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This website is a live visualisation of the transactions and blocks received by a node on the bitcoin network.

New transactions this node receives enter its memory pool. They are held in the node's memory for up to 72 hours.

The node also recevies blocks (every 10 minutes on average). A block takes transactions from the memory pool and adds them them to the blockchain.


About Me

My name is Greg Walker, an this is my first attempt at real-time visualisation. I'm also currently working on, which is a website with simple documentation for bitcoin, including a rudimentary blockchain explorer. I occasionally like to play chess in my spare time.

Two things I like:


What's the use of this?

It's cool to watch bitcoin transactions as they're happening. You can see the current transaction rate, as well as how much money is being moved per second.

Personally, I use it to watch and wait for the next block to get mined.

Are these transactions really live?

Yes. I do add a tiny delay between transactions to create a smoother rain effect, but aside from that this website is showing every new transaction on the bitcoin network as my node receives it.

Why do transactions bounce off the memory pool?

Because I thought it would look cool, so it doesn't symbolise anything. However, I did make transactions bouncier if they're moving a high quantity of bitcoins in a small number of bytes of transaction data (i.e. more "efficient").

Where's the code for this website?

To summarize how this website works:

And where's that live websocket feed?


Don't use it for anything serious though as I'm likely to change it.